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Tastes great or less filling?

In an area of New Guinea called “The Semen Belt,” all young boys are forced to orally gratify old men; the boys are taught that swallowing sperm builds strong bodies and big penises. In spite of spending several years on a sperm-rich diet, all men eventually marry women.



Word for word, as spoken by an elder to all the young boys from several villages during their “coming of age” ceremony

“And soon you must ingest semen in the culthouse. Now there are many men here; you must sleep with them. Soon they will return to their homes. Now they are here, and you ought to drink their semen. In your own hamlets, there are only a few men.”

“When you do sleep with men, you should not be afraid of sucking their penises. You will soon enjoy them... if you try it [semen] it is just like the milk of your mother's breast. You can swallow it all the time and grow quickly.”

“If you do not start to drink it now, you will not ingest much of it. Only occasionally . . . And later when you are grown you will stop. If you only drink a little semen now, you will not like the penis much. So you must start now and swallow semen. When you are bigger your own penis will become bigger, and you will not want to sleep with older men.”

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